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The best maids office in Egypt

An excellent and honest Egyptian maid with a distinguished monthly salary and economical prices. This is the dream of every housewife. With us, the dream has become a reality. 

 With House Clean Maids Office, we provide all the needs of the family from excellent and highly experienced maids, and this is because we have a large database and have been working for 10 years, and have administrators at the highest level of experience and efficiency.


01. foreign maids

 House Clean maids office offers highly experienced Sudanese maids from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Eritrea, Somalia, Filipinos and South Africa


02. maids office

 House Clean Maids Office offers a non-resident domestic worker who is committed to punctuality and is skilled in cooking and household cleaning work with permanent residence


03. resident maid

House Clean Maids Office offers a committed resident domestic worker who is skilled in daily hygiene and is distinguished in cooking and hard daily work

Why House Clean  Maids Office

Reasons for choosing a worker from the Houseclean Maids Office

 Choosing a cleaner or maid from the House Keen office is the best choice, as we have a proven track record of working over the past ten years, and we have accumulated experiences to select the best maids

 And domestic workers in this field as a cleaner, a babysitter, an elderly sitter, a cook, and a cook. and immediately exclude unsuitable or unfit workers in this business to preserve the reputation that House Clean has acquired

the selection of the worker is done through distinct programs at the company, so we use the scientific method in storing data to link that data with the customer’s requirements

for example, when a housewife requests a woman from the age of 40 to 50 years who can read and write or holds a diploma, provided that she is full-time and does not have family ties due to special circumstances of the housewife.

 Through our database on the devices, we can easily link to these requests

Conducting the necessary criminal examinations, a good inquiry about a maid seeking to work for us, a request for a criminal status sheet,

the necessary documents that prove identity, and a permanent, not temporary, residence to avoid making any mistake in the future by the worker.

What are the qualities that must be present to hire a suitable maid?

there are several important qualities to hire a cleaning lady or maid for you, and these are the most important tips before hiring and hiring a maid

  • Honesty, which is an important quality that everyone wants to have, but it is necessary, and you must put the housemaid to a test from your first working day, and you must continue with her tests for at least the first month.

  • Ethics, through the initial interview, you can experience the trends of the worker
    Education is an important pillar. The higher the level of education, the better the results. Through our previous experiments, we found that hiring an educated maid is much better than an uneducated worker.
  • Knowing a little about the family and a minimalistic means of communication with the worker’s family is necessary

Places to provide maid service in Egypt?

 The Clean House Maids Office provides this service in Greater Cairo, Alexandria, and the most important areas in Cairo

  • Heliopolis Maids Office
  • Providing a maid residing in Alexandria
  • Providing a maid in Zamalek, Dokki and Mohandessin
  • maids office in the assembly
  • Nasr City Maids Office
  • Faisal maids office
  • Providing a job in Al Rehab
  • Providing foreign workers in all governorates

    How much does it cost to bring a housemaid to Egypt? 

    honest cost of a maid in Egypt varies greatly from family to family. The number of beds that the maid will serve them and the effort is estimated with money.

    How much is a maid service for a small house different from a maid for a villa and the nature of the work entrusted to her because sometimes

    the customer asks for a maid who works as a babysitter, works as a cook, and works as an elderly sitter, so we ask you to call to find out about this