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Elderly sitter at home. We will learn about the best ways to care for the elderly at home and the prices of an elderly sitter, whether she is an elderly or an elderly person, and when we need an elderly or elderly home nursing service

 Elderly sitter at home, this is the name given to the elderly service

We must differentiate between home nursing services, the sitter and escort, and the prices of the elderly sitter

What are the prices of an elderly sitter?

we must first study the case well. Does the case need elderly care, or in more accurate terms, home nursing services?

First, elderly care and home nursing services

 This is an advanced case in which the elderly person has a disease or his health condition is deteriorating, such as diabetes and pressure, and problems with the heart and blood vessels

Here, a medical facility must have a nurse or a nurse to perform and provide nursing services at home

We provide home nursing services at the lowest prices and do not aim for profit. We must provide a decent life for the elderly, with House Clean.

Prices for home nursing services vary from case to case

and according to the health condition and hours of service from permanent residence or return and return, a quotation can be requested for free

Secondly, the sitter for the elderly at home

It is rather a girl or a woman, and it is preferable that she be educated or have an average qualification

 And she is patient and has a great deal of honesty because she is here dealing with human life

 and she will accompany him and take care of personal hygiene, and she can be a simple cleaner or a maid who can read and write

 and she has all the numbers of the specialist doctor if things go wrong and she receives instructions and appointments for medicines, in addition to the follow-up of the rest of the family on the case

She will be accompanied by him without experience in medical matters, and if there is a development in the situation here, home nursing services must be used

Third: Factors that affect the prices of an elderly sitter

Elderly sitter prices The home elderly sitter prices differ from permanent residence or a sitter per month

also, the prices of a babysitter in Cairo differ from the prices of a babysitter in Giza, downtown Cairo or Nasr City. You can contact us to request prices

of the elderly person is unable to carry out personal chores such as bathing and entering the bathroom and others, there will be higher rates for an elderly sitter

Are elderly sitter jobs required?

The answer is yes, we are already asking for jobs and we are updating our database because we depend on the database

But the conditions must be observed, which are as follows

  • Age-appropriate for service
  • You must be able to read and write well
  • good-looking
  • You must respect the working hours and adhere to the instructions of the situation
  • A health certificate and a corona vaccine certificate must be provided, and you can register for a corona vaccine from here
  • Previous experience working in-home care for the elderly
  • She must have information about diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and quadriplegia
  • You can inquire about service jobs through the phone number at the House Clean office

How to request an elderly sitter service?

you can request a nanny service in Cairo through tel: 01288977012

You can request a nanny service in Giza and October through tel: 01288977012

You can request a nanny service in Nasr City through tel: 01288977012

You can request a nanny service in the assembly through tel: 01288977012

You can request a nanny service in Mohandessin through the number: tel: 01288977012

You can request a nanny service in Maadi through tel: 01288977012

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