Elderly care at home

elderly care at home. Providing Alzheimer’s care. For cases of stroke, fracture and quadriplegia

 Helping the patient with personal hygiene and taking medicines on time. We have a home nursing service

 It is a great service that we offer to our parents and the elderly, and we do not seek to profit from it. The day will come when we all need such a service.

 We provide and ask everyone to deal with all cases with mercy and help those who are unable

Home Nursing Services

Home Nursing

nursing home services, all employees are trained to deal with all sick cases



we have a distinguished department and a huge database in the nursing department, which includes an experienced nurse and a nurse with distinguished experiences

Elderly home care rates?

 Choosing a suitable person to take care of the elderly at home or those close to you is a very difficult choice, several important things must be taken into account before making this decision

 if you are looking for an excellent service at reasonable prices without taking advantage of a nursing home or people from intermediary agencies that provide you with a nurse or a nurse

What is the service and the mechanisms that differentiate it?

  • Does a person’s mental and ability to absorb those around him decline?
  • Do the level of motor activity and daily routine decrease?
  • Has he become nervous and permanently miscarried and always wants to isolate?
  • Has he become completely incapable of performing a personal activity such as getting dressed, walking alone, or showering?
  • Is he beginning to lose his presence with those around him and complete neglect of himself?

 these are criteria that must be taken in order to develop a strategy and treatment methods to build on and review service prices in order to correct the situation or stop the deterioration of the situation.

what is the difference between nursing home services and elderly care?

 Nursing home services are provided by a qualified nurse or nurse

 He is responsible for following up on the disease, following up on medications, measuring blood pressure and sugar, and contacting the doctor in case of health problems

 Elderly care, which is a general word, not a specialized one. The nurse also takes care, but in the absolute

 can be a person in charge of personal hygiene and help the situation in simple matters

Giving him the medicine at the specified times and the methods of administering the medicine

 But in the event of a deterioration of the health condition, care must be provided by a specialist such as a nurse or a nurse and under medical supervision

Elderly care at home

What are the advantages of caring for the elderly at home?


Nursing home services have several benefits, the most important of which are the following

1- He takes care of the health condition and takes special care of blood sugar, wounds and pressure measurements


2-  Replacing catheters and inserting solutions and feeding tubes


3-  Full supervision of the elderly, accompanying him and protecting him from falling


4- Helping improve the health status of the elderly through his treatment program


5- Here we highlight the advantage of home nursing services for the care of paralyzed patients of all kinds, so he has special care

Care of the elderly

What is a better home for the elderly or elderly care at home?

 A very important question and the answer is whether the situation will be approved in a nursing home or not

 The answer is very simple that leaving the elderly and staying away from relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors will affect him psychologically, which will reflect on his health status.

Therefore, we prefer that it be a home care service for the elderly

but in the absence of a social environment such as relatives and friends, it is better to be in a nursing home

Nursing home service

How to get the best home elderly care service?

you can call us or send a message via WhatsApp and one of the specialists will contact you at House Clean

    Elderly care at home