Doorman and villa keeper

House Clean services office provides Doorman or building concierge, villa guard, and Ghafir with all legal guarantees

 10 years experience in providing a building concierge in El Tagamoa, October, Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek, Mohandessin, Nasr City, and Heliopolis

building concierge

 Building janitor tasks

Perform the building janitor with multiple tasks, including the following

The tasks of a building janitor are to guard the building only and know those who frequent the property for the safety of the residents.

Guarding cars and cleaning residents’ cars


But it became customary for the doorman to fulfill all the residents’ requests, including personal requests, succession, and sometimes shopping

building concierge

The price and salary of a building concierge in Egypt

 The price and salary of a building concierge in Egypt

Due to the nature of the area and the high prices in the assembly

The difference between the concierge of architecture and the Ghafir

The property keeper, or how he is called the janitor of the building

 His service is limited to residential buildings and compounds, and he guards them against intrusion by non-residents of the property, or guards them against theft and guarding cars, and he does not have a weapon.


Ghafir or the night watchman

  The service of Al-Ghafir or the night watchman is limited to guarding only, and Al-Ghafir is often requested in factories, warehouses, and large workshops, and his service is often in the evening and most of the time he has a licensed weapon.


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