Eastern and Western  Cook at the lowest prices

 We have an eastern and western cook with the best Egyptian, Arabic, and Western dishes for happy occasions, a home cook at the lowest prices and the highest quality, hotel experiences, and 5-star restaurants from the House Clean office for domestic workers, maids, and babysitters

 is A distinguished chef from the House Clean office, with certificates approved by 5-star hotels and multiple experiences. We have a first cook, a second cook, a pastry chef, a mango keeper, and a specialized import worker. Contact us by phone and we will provide the service immediately

 For happy occasions, we provide an excellent chef with the highest quality and professional culinary experience, specializing in hotels, restaurants, and all western foods. And if you want to cook Egyptian food, we will provide your order immediately


01. I want to cook

We have a large database of the best chefs at the hotel level


02. Egyptian cook

All cooks are available at a high level of professionalism in all layers


03. foreign chef

We have a Syrian, Turkish, and different chefs, in addition to the Egyptian chef

What are the specialties and tasks of a cook?

1 – Chef’s specialties

A chef can specialize in only one department, and there are some chefs in more than one specialty, but professionalism is in one specialty

 We find a shawarma cook, a fish hook, a dessert chef, an Asian chef, a soup chef, and a grill chef

 There is also a cook for weddings and popular occasions, which Egypt is famous for, and the most famous and most famous work in homes,


the Egyptian dishes we love, and the spotlight is towards a cook, not a cook

2- Cook’s tasks

Many of the main tasks fall on the shoulders of any professional chef, such as preparing meals and recipes and adding his own taste

The main tasks of the chef and event cook are as follows:-

  • Cutting and preparing meat and cleaning fruits and vegetables
  • Preparing and preparing dishes suitable for cooking and serving food
  • Prepare food for individuals
  • Keeping leftover food safely and hygienically
  • The ultimate full kitchen review
  • Check availability of all food ingredients
  • Ensure that all assistants follow the rules of general hygiene
  • Finish the cooking process
  • Supervising the presentation of dishes in an ideal and attractive manner
  • Assigning the process of cleaning the kitchen and dishes to the importer

    What is better cook or cook? 

    The answer to this question depends on your needs and the occasion you are going through, but in general, there is no difference and we will give some advice as follows

    1- Hire a cook

    In the event that there is a large family and there are women and girls, it is preferable to use a cook, as she will be the best in such circumstances

    2- Hire a cook

    In the event that there are specialized places separate from the home for the cook, or if most of the family is men, this is better given the Egyptian customs and traditions.

    Temporary occasions such as weddings and the like. Of course, we may use a cook, and we do not prefer a cook, in addition to a cleaner or a maid. If there are children, we must seek the help of a babysitter or a non-resident nanny

    How to get a cook or cook?

    Getting a cook or a cook is one of the easiest things, but will you experiment or seek the help of experts to provide your appropriate request? House Clean offers a chef or cook at the highest level