cleaning lady Doing house chores

cleaning lady An experienced home that masters all household chores, a cleaning lady, two days a week or daily, with all legal guarantees and health certificates, a daily cleaner committed

cleaning lady The housework, two days a week or daily, must be chosen very carefully. The presence of someone in your home with his continued reluctance to you may cause some inconveniences in the future. Therefore, we set strict conditions and professional tests before appointing or accepting our job applicants.

Including good research and optimum selection before sending the cleaning lady to the client, we investigate the accuracy, do the appropriate inquiry, conduct criminal investigations, perform basic medical examinations, and take measures of occupational safety and health.


01. cleaning lady per day or daily

A professional cleaner who can clean dishes and kitchen supplies


02. cleaning lady two days a week

Request a maid, two days a week, who will receive you immediately from the House Clean office


03. cleaning lady Resident and non-resident

We have all types of resident and non-resident cleaners with all legal guarantees

 Why is she a cleaner two days a week?

A cleaning lady, two days a week, is the most available demand in the labor market

A cleaning lady, two days a week, is the most available demand in the labor market due to the pressures of life, and it specifically targets working women, regardless of their financial situation, because they suffer a lot at work and do not have time to make hard efforts,

Most Egyptian and even Arab families are in dire need of looking for a cleaning lady two days a week due to the limited time of working women and the increase in daily burdens and life pressures

Benefits of a cleaning lady, two days a week or a day?

A daily or daily cleaner has many advantages, including:

  • One of the most important features of this service is that it is an on-demand service according to the needs of the housewife
  • Changing the worker and not ordering her again if the customer is not satisfied with her
  • You can request more than one cleaner per day according to your needs in case of emergencies, such as birthdays and happy occasions. You can request a maid, a babysitter, an elderly sitter, a cook, and elderly care, as well as a driver request.
  • The price of a maid per day is less expensive than her counterpart throughout the month
  • House Clean Maids Office offers a maid service two days a week or a daily maid at an ideal price for new clients and our old clients

The benefit of a cleaner per day

The 6 most important benefits of domestic work

  • Cleaning walls and floors
  • Completely clean kitchen utensils
  • laundry
  • Cleaning doors and windows
  • Bathroom cleaning and disinfection
  • Carpet and rug cleaning

    The difference between a resident and a daily cleaner?

    Resident cleaner

    She is a worker who resides with the family permanently, and she is allotted weekly or monthly vacations according to the agreement. The cost is more expensive than a cleaner two days a week or a cleaner a day.

    • cleaner
    • A comprehensive maid who performs cleaning and helps the housewife with cooking, shopping and taking care of children
    • Elderly sitter or escort of an elderly or elderly person and performs special tasks and must be able to write and read


    Ways to get a reliable maid from accredited labor offices such as House Clean Maids Office
    The maid’s test at her first hire
    Types of service: resident, non-resident, and foreign workers