baby sitter resident or non-resident

baby sitter resident or non-resident Highly qualified and to create a good dialogue with children and previous work experience. This is the dream of every working woman

 This dream has come within your reach after the spread of social media

House Clean Maids Office provides a service that provides baby sitters and nannies for young children and infants

 And do all the personal requirements of the little child (change of pampers – shower)

 All this with an educational girl qualified to work and with sufficient experience to perform the tasks assigned to her


01. Resident nanny

We provide a highly experienced resident nanny


02. Non-resident babysitter

We provide babysitters non-resident


03. baby sitter

We provide high and medium qualified babysitters

What is the role of a  babysitter?

What are the most important roles of a nanny for young children?

the meaning of a nanny or babysitter is an experienced girl or an educated woman who provides care and assistance to the mother and provides this service to a child or several young children as a traditional service

In the past, nannies served in large homes and followed up the behavior of the young and informed the mother when she returned with full reports of what had happened during her absence.

 There are agencies specialized in taking care of children and providing trained and qualified babysitters to perform their duty towards this important and influential job in society.

The Methods of raising children You can read this article on Wikipedia. There is research in methods of raising children. Research reveals basic steps to achieving success in raising children.

Most professional nannies have adequate experience in first aid, God forbid if the child becomes ill or injured while playing children.

The difference between a  babysitter and a nanny?

In the past, a babysitter was called (Dad in Egyptian colloquial language).

she was responsible for taking care of the child from infancy to old age, and she lives permanently with the family, and she does not have qualifications

The The babysitter is currently called (Baby sitter), and she is an educated girl with higher or above-average education, and sometimes they are graduates of faculties of education and kindergarten

 The babysitter performs the basic tasks followed and known to the nanny, in addition to the educational tasks of teaching and teaching children if the babysitter is qualified for that

What qualities should be available Baby Sitter?

  • The good manners
  • reputable
  • Like kids in general
  • good-looking
  • A graduate of a college of education or a higher qualification
  • Patient and has the ability to work under pressure

    Non-resident babysitter

    A non-resident babysitter is an employee who performs her work on appointments and adheres to those appointments during the mother’s absence 

    We provide this service at the highest level

    Resident  babysitters

     A resident babysitter is a fixed entity with the family and is separated from her by limited monthly vacations to visit her family

    House Clean office provides this service. Contact us to find out the appropriate request and prices according to the family budget

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    How to request a babysitter?

    You can contact us or send a message via WhatsApp

    You can also request other services